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Nowadays, Tourism and Travel business is increasing day by day. Now everyone wants to enjoy their weekend or holidays at a good hill-station or a nice place away from the city’s life and business. Here comes the tourism business, which can attract tourists, provide facilities of stay and accommodation, and make sure that they didn’t get any problem and have great entertainment during the vacation. This service can be international or within the traveler or tourist country.

This industry is considered as an important industry for the benefits it brings and the opportunities for other businesses also. It can generate more employment, revenue and can play a significant role in the development of the country. It can help the host country or place in two ways. First, it brings benefits and numerous economic values to the host place and secondly, it helps in building a good and bigger image of the country as a brand.


According to UNWTO (the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations) describes tourism into 12 industries which serves the tourists. These are:

  • Railway Passenger Transport
  • Road Passenger Transport
  • Water Passenger Transport
  • Air Passenger Transport
  • Food & Beverage Activities
  • Accommodations for tourists
  • Transport Equipment Rental
  • Cultural Activities
  • Travel Agencies
  • Sports Activities
  • Retail trade of local-famous goods
  • Country-specific tourism activities