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Steel Structure Designer

The area of structural engineering used to design steel structures, big or small, whether it is a school building, a bridge, commercial centers, tall buildings, ships, warehouses, aircraft or a stadium is stated as steel structure design and the engineer who does it is stated as steel structural designer.

Kassem Mohamad Ajami, the steel industry leader, and entrepreneur started a company in 2005 named Saba Steel Industrial Nigeria Limited with the help of great and hard-working team members. With great creativity, design, and knowledge, he proves his work again and again by working with some great clients over the years. Steel Structure Designer contains a large range of tools and building definitions which enables users to compute complete structure in no time.

Well, there are many pre-configured complete building templates which are available for creating entire 3D models very rapidly. Anyways there are advanced features also which enables us to customize each and every design by adjusting the options in the tabs from steel structure designer.

There are many features of a steel structure designer. Some are:

  • Quick selection of structural element profile.
  • Select the number of levels and bays to define the structure.
  • Definition and editing of space of the bays along X-axis.
  • Definition and editing of bays, level heights and roof types along the Y-axis.
  • Addition of intermediate columns on the two gables.
  • Displays side rails on the column and purlins on the rafters.
  • Creation of horizontal bracings on roofs.
  • Creation of both internal and external platforms.