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Information Technology 

Information Technology is a branch used in offices or enterprises in the context of business to collect, recover, transmit and utilize data or information. IT is considered as a part of information and communication technology (ICT). This term first appeared in 1958, in an article published by Harvard Business Review. It stated IT as ways for processing, and as the applied mathematical and statistical methods to decision-making and to increase the power of thinking through various programs of the computer.

IT becomes a revolution in the world after its formation. It spreads into the world rapidly. Countries having a good IT structure is considered as world leaders and developed countries. In general, we can say that IT has helped us in shaping society and the business world as well. IT has impacted almost all the fields including education, entertainment, communication, and health are the few branches just to mention. Therefore, IT is becoming the backbone of the world over the years.

The main benefit of IT is we can communicate a lot easier and faster over the different countries. Rapid communication can increase productivity in work, and can also provide opportunities to expand their business to new territories and countries. In the end, we can say that Information Technology is the nondetachable part of every business now.