About Kassem Mohamad Ajami – Leading Nigerian Business Person
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About Kassem Mohamad Ajami

“Life is easy if you have faith, truth, commitment, and hard work”

Kassem Mohamad Ajami is a renowned entrepreneur in the steel industry for so many years providing a quality solution to each client needs steel structure solution. After completing his study, he laid the foundation for Saba Steel Industrial Nigeria and MetalBerg at Lagos in 2005.

Kassem Mohamad Ajami provides the service with the world-class process-based approach as he brings his 14 years experience into his work. His extreme leadership qualities made him a superior leader, leading a team of exceptional executive leaders like CFO, General Managers and all the other members of the company.

He became a benchmark of the industry for his successive approach and his proven work results. The points which make Kassem Ajami Nigeria best in the industry are the following:

  • Best-in-industry technical skills
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Great Approach to the work
  • Quality, Reliability & Agility
  • Safe & healthy workplace and many more.
Kassem Mohamad Ajami